Data Model

Flexbile data model

While a major benefit of Cloud Intelligence is the ready-made import into a hyperscaler-independent, best practice model, you can leverage the advantages of the flexibel data model, e.g. to bring in own attributes on the Business Context Fact Sheet. See or for details

Cloud Intelligence Data Model

LeanIX CI Data Model

LeanIX CI Data Model

Fact Sheet

Cloud Component

A Cloud Component is an instance of a Cloud Service that can be provisioned from a hyperscaler (AWS, Azure, GCP)
It is the core Fact Sheet type of LeanIX Cloud Intelligence.

Tech Category

The Tech Category represents an independent, best practice grouping, namely the Technology Business Management framework
Cloud Components are mapped to tech categories automatically

Cloud Service

A Cloud Component is any service that can be provisioned from a hyperscaler (e.g., AWS S3 for storage).
Cloud Services are automatically linked to the related Cloud Components as well as to Tech Categories.


A Region represents the hyperscaler where a Cloud Component is hosted (i.e. AWS Region)

Cloud Account

Cloud Accounts represent the vendor-specific account hierarchy (AWS accounts, Azure subscription, …) and reconciles it into one independent model.
Can be used to capture technical or functional ownership of a Cloud Component.

Business Context

Business Contexts represents the business perspective onto the cloud. Predefined subtype categories are Application, Business Domain, or Microservice.
If applicable it allows to link to LeanIX EA Suite or Microservice Intelligence.

Violation Type

A Violation Type provides a set of rules related to security, availability, performance and other policies to adhere to.
Are linked to the respective Cloud Components and Business Context.


A Policy is a course of action that defines the desired governance of the architecture.
It is closely tied to Violation Types

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Data Model

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