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The core functionality of Cloud Intelligence is currently being incorporated in Microservice Intelligence (MI). You can reach the always up-to-date MI documentation here.

What is Cloud Intelligence?

Cloud Intelligence discovers and inventorizes the public cloud footprint from AWS, Azure, and GCP. This helps the Cloud Center of Excellence, Business Owners, and Cloud Architects to better understand their cloud landscape, its business context as well as the incurred cloud spend and violations. Based on powerful insights visualized on dashboards, reports, and diagrams the teams can make informed decisions to increase cost-efficiency and implement comprehensive governance across their multi-cloud environment.

How does it work?

  1. Discover all used public cloud services and store the data in a workspace based on our Data Model structure
  2. Search, filter, and create reports to establish transparency - Cloud Intelligence is built based on the well-proven LeanIX Platform, serving 1000s of daily users with a shared & collaborative access to architecture data
  3. Analyze and evaluate your current tagging practice, cloud spend, and violations in the context of your business.
  4. Adress inconsistent tagging, identify idle VMs and provide account & business owners in self-service with context-specific information to make better decisions
  5. Connect & aggregate the discovered information into LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Suite to create a holistic picture of your IT landscape

Who uses Cloud Intelligence?

Cloud Intelligence provides benefits to a variety of users:

  • Cloud Center of Excellence: Keep an up-to-date inventory of used cloud services to continuously oversee and evolve your multi-cloud compliance posture, cost-efficiency, and tagging practice
  • Account Owner: Understand the business context of your services and implement consistent tagging
  • Business Owner: Know which applications run in the cloud and what services you're spending on
  • Enterprise Architect: Enrich your IT landscape with up-to-date data on used IT components to facilitate cloud migration initiatives

Use Cases

  • Multi-Cloud Service Discovery & Catalog
  • Cloud Spend Showback
  • Cloud Tagging Management
  • Cloud Component Lifecycle Data Service
  • Security & Vulnerability Management
  • Issue Routing & Incident Resolution

Why Cloud Intelligence?

Detect and mitigate security and compliance violations

  • From the hyperscaler directly: We scan data from services like Azure Advisor, AWS Trusted Advisor or Google Cloud Security Command Center to make them centrally visible.
  • Via the LeanIX Policy Engine: We enable customers to configure their tagging policies and generate violations based on them.
  • From a dedicated operative security tool via the Integration API: In our understanding, there are good arguments to combine a tool for security experts with Cloud Intelligence, as there are different granularities and use cases.

Showback and manage cloud spend
Cloud Intelligence extracts Cloud Spend information directly from the hyperscalers. Details depend on the available data, e.g. AWS does not currently support data extraction on a Cloud Component level, but only on higher levels like accounts. Cloud Intelligence aggregates cost data and synchronizes it to the EA workspace so that Enterprise Architects can get an indicator for hotspots. Cost data is also presented over time using LeanIX Metrics which allows identifying trends.

Integrate with your private cloud environment
All the data in Cloud Intelligence is accessible via the Integration API. Also, the data model is configurable - see Configuration Overview. However, please take into account that the mapping to the EA workspace (see above) might only work if you stick to the default data model. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for guidance.

If you want to connect to other hyperscalers than the current ones (AWS, Azure and GCP), please get in touch via [email protected].

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